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High purity detergents and carbohydrates!

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Our n-Dodecyl-ß-maltoside (DDM) is a highly purified product and does not show any impurity by the alpha anomer. Products from other manufacturers very often show this impurity. The purity of our product makes it easier to isolate and to crystallize proteins successfully.




D-(+)-Melezitose is a rare carbohydrate, which consists of two units D-Glucose and one unit D-Fructose. We are preparing this product from honey and it is supplied as the monohydrate.

Melezitose is known as a stabilizer for Insulin.

So far we sell the product in bulk quantities only. Please ask for quotes (min. 1 kg).















PCCaM is a new generation of maltose based detergents and improves results of n-Dodecyl ß-maltoside in many cases! It is a successful substitute for the highly toxic detergent Digitonin. For more information see:

Literature PCCaM



Description        Grade                                                        Code                     Size       Price (€)


PCCaM                HP grade                                                    D99019-01             1 g           86,-

                                                                                                  D99019-05           5 g         344,-

                                                                                                  D99019-10           10 g         653,-

                                                                                                  D99019-25          25 g       1.376,-